Your Cheatin’ Heart

According to Psychology Today, a survey of 2,153 juniors and seniors from colleges across the nation found that 70 percent of men and women confessed to cheating during high school. Nearly half of all college students surveyed cheated, as well.

According to polls reported by USA Today, Americans lie more than we realize. Citing statistics from the book, The Day America Told the Truth, the newspaper reported that 91 percent of Americans lie routinely. Here are the specifics: 36 percent tell big lies, 86 percent lie to their parents, 75 percent lie to their friends, 73 percent to their siblings, and 69 percent to their spouse.

What are we lying about? Eighty-one percent lie about their feelings, while 43 percent lie about their income. And 40 percent lie about sex.

A study by the American Management Association indicates that U.S. businesses lose over $40 billion to employee theft each year, $4 billion to embezzlement, $2.5 billion to burglary, and $2 billion to shoplifting.

Here’s what the Bible says. “Do not lie.” “Let he who stole, steal no more.”

There is really only one solution for those who lie. It’s called repentance. It’s not easy. If it was, everyone would do it.

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