Why We Don’t Pray

“I don’t pray more because I’m not convinced God is for me.” Those words were spoken by my pastor, Jason Smith, at church Sunday. The Bible says, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). A better translation would read, “Since God is for us, who can be against us?” But too many of us live what Craig Groeschel calls the life of a “Christian atheist.” We say we believe in God and have actually entered into a relationship with him, but the faith by which we live daily suggests we don’t fully embrace the God of the Scriptures.

Jason also said, “We confuse a personal relationship with Jesus with a private relationship with Jesus.” I have yet to meet the grandparent whose personal relationship with his or her grandchildren was a private one. The worst mistake I ever made was asking a grandmother if she had any pictures of her grandchildren with her, on a plane. Her answer wasn’t complete until we landed. Had we been less than 30,000 feet up I might have jumped out. When we believe God is for us we move our relationship with Christ from merely personal to public.

But the thing Jason said that has rolled around in my head for 48 hours was this: “Anything I ask for (in prayer) today is less than what God has already given me.” That is profound and life-changing. If the 2.2 billion adherents of Christianity really understood that one truth, it would change everything. “Anything I ask for today is less than what God has already given me.” When I doubt God’s ability to handle my doubts, finances, marriage, temptations, uncertainties, addictions, confusions, relationships, and fears, I am saying my issues are bigger than the cross on which Jesus died and the tomb he overcame. I am saying the God who paid for my redemption doesn’t have a plan for my credit card debt. I’m saying the God who defeated Satan hasn’t met my boss, my neighbor, or my ex-wife.

“Anything I ask for today is less than what God has already given me.” I’m going to take that to the bank today. I didn’t say it as well as Jason did. That’s why I go to church – to hear God’s Word from God’s man on God’s day. If you live within 5,000 miles of Bradenton, Florida, you should join us this Sunday at Good Life Church. We hear teaching like this every Sunday. Until then, live by these incredible words of hope. Anything I ask for today is less than what God has already given me.

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  1. Mike jacobs
    Mike jacobs says:

    Why do we put the God and creator of the heavens and earth and us in a box…Maybe thats because our focus is on us and not Christ.Peter stepped out of the boat and litterally walked on water…more than you can say about the other deciples who were fixated on the storm.Peter had enough faith to atleast step out of his comfort zone.and onto the crashing waves.Unfortunately he took his focus off christ and began sinking..Our focus must be on him..or we sink….


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