When God Keeps the Twinkies

Five-year-old Susie asked her dad for a Twinkie. He responded, “No, darling. Supper will be in ten minutes.”

Susie stomped her feet. She cried in agony. She begged for a Twinkie, as she said she would starve without one. Dad said “no” several times, and each time, Susie pouted just a little bit louder.

Dad decided to use psychology. He picked up his girl and asked her, “If I don’t give you your Twinkie, you will still be my sweet precious love and my little angel, won’t you?”

Susie responded, “I ain’t gonna be your nothin’ if you don’t give me a Twinkie!”

It is scary how much most of us are like little Susie. We say we love God. We wear our Christian cross, our Christian shirt, and our Christian bumper sticker. We listen to our Christian music and love our Christian church. We wouldn’t think of denying our heavenly Father. Sure, Peter did, but we will never deny him.

And then, one day, God decides to not give us our Twinkie. He recognizes that our version of a Twinkie isn’t good for us. And just like that, we stomp our feet and pout. We love God, but we only follow him if he is giving us a Twinkie.

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