What I Learned at Church this Week

Sunday, I was in my place at church. As we usually do, Beth and I picked up the donuts on our way to church. Then we attended the pre-service prayer time before taking our places as greeters. As head greeter, I was blessed to meet so many as they passed through the doors and was able to encourage the rest of our wonderful team.

Then we took our seats. That’s when it happened – one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard.

Jason preached from my favorite chapter in the Bible – Mark 5. He talked about Legion, the man possessed by a thousand demons. You should go to our church website to watch the full sermon: goodlifefl.com. I want to use this space to spotlight one point of the message.

“Jesus is not afraid of your darkness.”

As Jason talked about the man living in darkness, he mentioned the fear the man lived with. Then he said this – “Jesus is not afraid of your darkness.”

Let that set in. “Jesus is not afraid of your darkness.” Whatever you have done, said, or even thought about doing or saying, there is no corner so dark or valley so low that Jesus will abandon you there. Sin and addiction thrive in secrecy. They retreat to the darkness, where they cannot be seen. But the same Christ who came from heaven to earth is looking for you.

Nothing you will ever do will make Him love you more, and nothing you can every do will make Him love you less. Are you living in darkness? Maybe you find yourself in a place of isolation and painful loneliness today. That is where Jesus hangs out. He can find you, help you, and lift you. Jesus is not afraid of your darkness. And Jesus is not through with you yet.

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