What Great Parents Do

In his book, The Upper Room, J. C. Ryle writes on the subject of effective parenting. He offers 17 observations on what successful Christian parents do well. These are five of those strategies.

1. They train their children in the way they should go, not the way they would go.

The child knows not yet what is good for his mind and soul, any more than what is good for his body. The good parent does not just teach his child what to eat and when to sleep, but how to live.

2. They parent with tenderness.

Love should be the silver thread that runs through all the parent’s conduct. The fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) is present in effective Christian parenting.

3. They teach their kids God’s Word.

Effective parenting involves teaching the Bible. The Word is to dwell in the child fully. It is never too early to begin.

4. They lead their children to a lifestyle of prayer.

Prayer is the breath of real religion. Prayer is, of all habits, the one which we recollect the longest.

5. They teach their kids to manage their time wisely.

Parents teach their kids to value time, and to use it well. As Billy Graham says, what we do with our time is the one thing that makes all the difference.

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