This is how the message of victory at Waterloo arrived in England. They knew that Wellington was facing Napoleon in an epic battle. A ship signaled the news of the battle to the man on top of Winchester Cathedral. He then signaled to another man on a hill, and the news was relayed like this, from station to station until England had received the news.

The first signal from the ship contained the word “Wellington.”

Moments later, they signaled, “Defeated.”

Then the fog rolled in and the ship could no longer be seen. So the message that went across England was “Wellington defeated.” Gloom swept the countryside.

But two hours later, the fog lifted. Then the full message could be seen: “Wellington defeated the enemy.”

At that, all England rejoiced. In like manner, the message after the cross was this: “Christ defeated.”

But three days later, the fog lifted. And the message has resonated ever since: “Christ defeated the enemy.”

There once was a time in my life when I lived as though I was on the losing team. Then the fog lifted. And now I know who won the victory. The enemy is defeated.

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