It was the greatest vessel ever imagined, a floating palace. She weighted 46,328 tons. She was indestructible. She was the Titanic. On her maiden voyage, the White Star liner churned from Southampton toward New York. The rich and famous were aboard. The band played, the people danced, and they all rejoiced. On the night of April 14, 1912, they had a great party.

Then is happened. The unsinkable did the unthinkable. The great Titanic ran into an iceberg, as the band was playing “Nearer My god to Thee.” Two hours, 40 minutes later, of the 2,340 aboard, only 745 survived. 1,595 perished in the icy waters. Just a few years ago, the last survivor died.

What are the lessons from the Titanic? Captain Smith ignored numerous warnings of pending danger. The spotlight was not installed correctly. The lifeboats were too small and too few. They travelled faster than they should have. They didn’t take icebergs seriously.

You know, all of our “ships” can sink. You need the right Navigator, One who sees the icebergs of life and knows how to deal with them. Your job is to obey his directions.

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