Thomas Edison

American inventor Thomas Edison was an amazing man. He held over 1,500 patents, including those for the phonograph, kinetoscope, dictaphone, radio, light bulb, autographic printer, and tattoo gun. He produced the first film version of Frankenstein. It was a 15-minute silent “movie.” We owe a lot to old Tom.

Where would we be today without the kinetoscope? And I don’t know about you, but our family couldn’t survive without our tattoo gun. Our church still relies on our autographic printer to run off Sunday’s worship guides. But Mr. Edison did something else of interest. He did it by simply dying.

Henry Ford was enamored with Edison, so when the great inventor died, Ford captured his last breath in a bottle. Why would he do that? Ford never said. That question will always be pondered along with the other great questions of history, such as who shot Kennedy, who shot J.R., and who watched Jersey Shore.

But one thing is clear. When Edison died, Ford was ready. What is not so clear is whether or not Edison was ready. How about you? Are you ready for that moment when you take your last breath?

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