The Wrong Answer

A student visited his old school, 20 years after his graduation, and met up with his old science professor. The prof happened to be grading exam papers, and the student was surprised to notice that the questions on the exam were exactly the same as they were 20 years earlier. He asked the professor about the possibility of the leakage of the exam questions.

“Couldn’t the students get the questions in advance?” asked the visitor.

The old professor answered, “Don’t worry about that, my dear boy. It’s true that I never change the questions. But no one can successfully cheat, because I change the answers every year.”

I’m so glad that God never changes the answers.

What does it take to have eternal life? Faith in Jesus Christ.

How does a person find real peace? By trusting in the great Peacemaker.

How can we navigate the problems of this life? By total reliance on Him.

Indeed, in the exam we call life, the questions haven’t changed since the creation of man. And neither have the answers. And the really good news is that for life’s toughest questions, we don’t just need an answer. We need The Answer. And we have him in Jesus Christ.

Next question?

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