The Rushmore Report – Will House Democrats Move to Impeach President Trump?

We heard it for months. “Give us control of the House and we will impeach the President!” From Maxine Waters on down, both elected Democrats and those seeking election said it with one voice. “Trump must go, and we will make that happen!” So now the Democrats have won back control of the House – which is where all impeachment votes take place. They have all the votes they need to send the Trump presidency into total, absolute turmoil. But what will they do? Is impeachment now on the horizon?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is no.

It’s really not too complicated. Democrats threatened impeachment in order to hold their far-left base. But they will now run from impeachment to hold onto their power.

There is really just one reason you won’t hear much about impeachment from the Democrats – Mike Pence.

If Trump were removed from office, Vice President Mike Pence would become president. And he would be a formidable opponent in 2020. Pence would hang onto almost all Trump voters, and would pick up millions more.

Besides, it’s not like the Republican-controlled Senate would vote to remove Trump from office anyway.

Nancy Pelosi – the once and future Speaker – recently told the Associated Press, “We shouldn’t impeach the president for political reasons and we shouldn’t not impeach the president for political reasons.” She further stated that impeachment is a “divisive activity.” (And we all know how non-divisive Nancy Pelosi is.)

Republicans are privately hoping the Democrats lose their collective minds and push for impeachment. That would tilt public opinion their way.

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy said, “We know the Democrats have a plan. They want to disrupt, they want to impeach.”

That is wishful thinking on the part of Mr. McCarthy.

Of course Democrats want to impeach – and embarrass – the president. The trick is to not embarrass themselves in the process.

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