The Rushmore Report – Will Graham Calls on Christians to Fight CA Fires

Will Graham, grandson of the late Billy Graham, has urged Christians to help victims of the California wildfires, saying that believers “should be the first ones to be responding because we represent the King of kings and Lord of lords.” He continued, “I think as Christians, we should be the first ones to respond to anybody in need – pray for them, help with physical needs, do whatever they need in the love of Jesus Christ.”

California is experiencing unprecedented fires, claiming close to 80 lives so far. And the fires are still not contained. A staggering 8,650 homes and 10,000 total structures have been burned to the ground.

Graham told the Christian Broadcasting Network that chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team have already been deployed near Sacramento to provide physical and spiritual assistance to those suffering due to the fires.

“We send chaplains to simply sit there and pray with people, cry with people, and hold people,” he said. “People have lost everything – they’re devastated, and they don’t even know where the next step begins. So we just go, sit there, and we start praying with them.”

Graham continued, “We will see some people come to know Christ, but I don’t think we’ve ever been there when somebody said, ‘No, don’t pray for me.'”

Samaritan’s Purse, the humanitarian organization led by Will’s father, Franklin Graham, will also be on the ground providing disaster relief.

What triggered the fires is yet unknown, but experts say the blaze continues to be fueled by strong winds, low humidity, and the dry terrain caused by a prolonged drought.

On Facebook, Franklin Graham has urged his seven million followers to pray for all those affected by the inferno: “Would you pray especially today for all those in the paths of these deadly fires and especially for the families whose loved ones were killed? Also we need to pray for protection and strength for the many firefighters who are battling these blazes 24/7.”

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