The Rushmore Report: Why a Clinton Landslide Could Be a Gift from God

Recent polls have Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by roughly 5-10 percent. This has many evangelicals conducting a google search for the nearest cliff from which to jump should she win the White House. By huge margins, Christ-following, Bible-believing citizens who want to protect the unborn, reduce the national debt, and see a return to traditional values, are rejecting Clinton’s message. Yet, I suggest a Clinton win could be a gift from God, the best thing we as Christians could possibly hope for. Here’s why . . .

First, let’s go with the assumption that the following positions are the right, most “Christian” and “patriotic” positions to hold: pro-life, strong national defense, reduced government spending, protected gun rights, reduced national debt, and new ideas for the war on poverty. If you take those positions, clearly, you are unlikely to vote for Hillary Clinton. And if you are among the roughly 80 percent of evangelicals who say they won’t vote for Clinton, you are likely praying for her loss and rallying behind anything that has a hint of Reaganism.

Yet, I would contend that a Clinton win may be exactly what this country, especially evangelicals, need. The reason is quite simple.

The answer to America’s problems is not political.

That’s it. The fruit of our problem is the slaughter of 15 million babies (abortion), a ridiculous national debt, and inner cities that are less safe than Afghanistan’s war zones. (More Americans have been killed in Chicago in 2016 than in Afghanistan since Obama became president.) But again, that is the fruit of the problem. And God did not tell us to run around whining about the fruit.

It’s the root, not the fruit!

America didn’t wake up one day and decide to take prayer out of schools (1963) or to legalize abortion on demand (1973). The decline of morality didn’t just happen. Those are all symptoms, not problems.

It’s the root, not the fruit!

Here’s what I have observed in my 42 years as a Christian. Christ-followers are not racist, they don’t kill people, they are kind and generous, they are generally pro-life (saying you are pro-life but support a woman’s right to an abortion is a cop out, by the way), they support biblical principles such as reduced debt and protecting the homeland. So what am I saying?

It’s the root, not the fruit!

Read the Book of Acts. The savages that were the government of that day banned church buildings, stole money from the Christians, and even put them to death. So what did the church do in response? The church exploded! How did this happen? It’s simple.

The Church of Acts gave up on the federal government.

The church decided, “It’s too late for a political solution. Rome will never become a Christian nation. They will never support what we believe. No election will EVER change the situation.” And then, only after the early church gave up on political solutions, did this happen . . .

The church turned the world upside down. Non-believers said it first. “These are the men who have turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6). Notice, that was in Acts 17, not Acts 2. In Acts 1-2, the church came together, they sang and prayed and preached and baptized. But the Bible never said “they turned the world upside down.” And then persecution hit, and it hit hard. The church was forced to scatter, to meet in homes, and lose its centralized government. They no longer had denominational headquarters.

And they changed the world.

I suggest that if the emperor of Rome had joined their movement, if the Christian church had been sanctioned, and free church buildings were put up on every corner, Christianity would have died. We wouldn’t be here today, the result of the mission movement that spread west from Jerusalem.

The early church didn’t prosper despite persecution, but because of it.

Let’s assume a Clinton election will send the country further off the cliff. Let’s assume debt will continue to spiral out of control, the second amendment will be under attack, and the military will be weakened. Let’s assume the worst. Let’s assume a Clinton Administration would be as horrible as many evangelical leaders are telling us it will be. What will Christians do then?

Christians will be driven to do what they should have been doing all along.

In the event of this political Armageddon, believers will give up on politics and do what they should have already been doing. They will recognize the problem with man is not his brain, but his heart. And they will – hopefully – return to the tenets of Scripture that teach that true revival, true hope, only comes when those who are following God repent of their sins, forsake their wicked ways, and pray to their God (2 Chronicles 7:14).

America will not be a better place because she elects the right President. She will only be a better place because she returns to the right God. If Clinton win, evangelicals might finally give up on politics to solve the root of the problem. They may actually return to God as The Solution.

If that happens, a Clinton landslide might be a gift from God.

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