The Rushmore Report – Who Leads Dem Race for 2020? (It’s Not Bernie Sanders)

A new 2020 Democratic primary poll was just released. The Suffolk University poll of Democratic primary voters registered support for those most expected to enter the next presidential race. Hillary Clinton was not one of the eight options on the ballot. Those names were, in alphabetical order: Booker, Biden, Gillibrand, Harris, McAuliffe, Patrick, Sanders, and Warren. The winner? It’s not who you think.

No, Bernie Sanders is not in the lead. Nor is he second.

Here are the leading candidates in order of preference:

1. Elizabeth Warren – 26%

2. Joe Biden – 20%

3. Bernie Sanders – 13%

4. Corey Booker – 8%

5. Kamala Harris – 4%

6. Deval Patrick – 4%

7. Kristen Gillibrand – 2%

8. Terry McAuliffe – 2%

This poll is not good news for Bernie Sanders, who enjoys enormous name recognition and almost beat Hillary Clinton just two years ago.

“Primary polls this far out are normally nothing more than a test of name recognition,” said Stu Rothenberg, a non-partisan political handicapper. Given his name recognition, one would expect Sanders to lead the pack, rather than garner the favor of just 13 percent of Democratic voters.

Why do Democrats prefer Senator Warren over Bernie Sanders? Rothenberg said, “Warren is a populist outsider who is critical of corporate insiders. She has the same message, but is a different messenger who is a little younger and, unlike Sanders, is actually a Democrat.”

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