The Rushmore Report: Where’s the Outcry from the Left? Bill Maher Mocks 9-Year-Old’s Letter to Trump

If Rush Limbaugh had done this, the left and mainstream media (is there a difference?) would go nuts. If Shawn Hannity had done this, he would be condemned. If President Trump had done this, Democrats would call for his impeachment. But when “comedian” Bill Maher ridicules a nine-year-old child, simply for supporting the President, we hear nothing. The left should be embarrassed by their silence.

Here’s what happened. Bill Maher was off the air for a month (did anybody notice?). After his hiatus, he returned just in time to blast an innocent nine-year-old boy for – gasp! – writing a letter of support to his president. The letter by Dylan Harbin was first read aloud by Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in late July.

The classless Maher took to the air to point out Dylan’s spelling errors. (Perhaps if the boy had not been educated in public schools, he would know how to spell, but that’s for another day.)

After his senseless ridicule, which says more about Maher than anything else, he then read a fake letter which he attributed to Dylan.

“Do you like your boss, Mr. Putin?” Maher added, “When you beat up on real Mexicans does candy come out?” and “How much money do you have? If only there was some way to find out.”

When contacted to defend his childish remarks, Maher predictably went silent. No response. No accountability. No attempt to defend the indefensible.

So once again, the left/media has proven their spinelessness. When Maher used the N-word on the air, they said nothing. When he made an incest “joke” about Ivanka Trump, they said nothing. And now that he has gone to mocking children who dare to not fall in line with his failed leftist ideology . . . more silence.

Bill Maher, you should be ashamed and embarrassed. You aren’t . . . but you should be.

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