The Rushmore Report: When Told the GOP Tax Plan Was Really ‘The Bernie Sanders Plan,’ Liberals Love It!

Conservative commentator Ami Horowitz recently took to the streets to see how die-hard progressives felt about the Republican tax reform bill that Democrats literally called “the worst piece of legislation ever.” They hated the plan. So Horowitz changed her tune. She said it was Bernie Sanders’ plan – and suddenly the liberals all loved it! You can’t make this up.

Horowitz wrote, “The Republicans recently voted on a new tax proposal, and, predictably, the Democrats didn’t like it. But what if they thought the Republican plan was actually Bernie Sanders’ proposal? We presented them with the Republican tax plan and pretended it was in fact Bernie’s plan.”

Horowitz began by asking interviewees, most of whom appeared to be millennials, how they felt in general about the Republican plan.

“I’m going to be honest with you. I feel like this is just another excuse for rich people to get a break on having to pay taxes like the rest of us hardworking people have to pay,” said one guy. Another said, “It doesn’t have much stuff in it for the middle class working Americans.” Another rejected the plan because it “seems like the middle class is going to get hit hard.”

But then Horowitz presented the details of Bernie’s supposed “competing plan,” which was simply the much maligned Republican plan, which she spelled out in detail. And suddenly, every single opponent of the Republican plan loved the “Bernie Plan.”

The very same people who blasted the Republican plan as hurting the middle class all said they loved the idea that most families of four making $50,000 or less will no longer pay any taxes at all. They loved the expanded child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000. And they liked the part that has homeowners with mortgages over $750,000 having to pay more.

One Bernie supporter exclaimed, “It’s fantastic! I think that’s a step in the right direction. It’s all just rational with Bernie, and with Trump it’s not. His plan is so much better than what the Republicans are offering.”

So what does this tell us? Two things, I think. First, progressives are ill-informed and have their minds made up before they hear the facts. Second, conservatives missed a great opportunity. If they would have just called their tax bill “The Bernie Plan” from the beginning, their legislation would have flown through Congress.

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James Barrett writes for The Daily Wire.

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