The Rushmore Report: When Dems Have Control – 5 Cities in Crisis

Because of divided government, determining what America would look like if either Democrats or Republicans were in complete control is a matter of speculation. But we do know what a city under complete Democratic control – over several decades of governance – looks like. Consider what has become of these five cities, each under Democratic rule for as much as 100 years.

1. Chicago – The Windy City last elected a Republican mayor in 1927. The nation’s third largest city is the murder capital of America, with 4,338 people shot in 2016 and 764 homicides, up 57 percent in just one year. The city is in financial ruin, with only half of her pension liabilities funded. Public schools are so bad that residents send their kids to private schools at three times the national average.

2. Detroit – Having last elected a Republican mayor in 1957, the Motor City is a model of urban failure, recognized for its poverty, crime, and bankruptcy. Detroit is the poorest city in the nation, with almost 40 percent of her people living below the poverty line. The website Law Street ranks Detroit as the second most dangerous city in America.

3. Oakland – With a housing crisis, water shortage, and rising crime, Oakland is seeing a historic population loss. The nonpartisan group, Neighborhood Scout, ranks Oakland as one of the most violent cities in America and one of the most unlivable in California.

4. Philadelphia – The last Republican mayor left office in 1952. Amid corruption, poverty, and inner city crime, Forbes ranks Philadelphia as the most likely big city to follow Detroit into bankruptcy.

5. Newark – Ranked as the fifth worst city in which to live in 2015, Newark has been led by Democratic mayors and city council for over 100 consecutive years.

What makes this list even more compelling is that each of these five cities is located in strong Democratic states – Illinois, Michigan, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Thus, on both a local and state level, the policies enacted in each of these cities for decades have been the product of Democratic leadership gone unchecked.

Further evidence of the demise of cities run by Democratic policies is that the ten poorest large cities in America are all run by Democrats. In order, these are: Detroit, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Miami, St. Louis, El Paso, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Newark.

For how many years have each of these cities been under a Democratic mayor? The numbers are astounding: Detroit (56 years), Buffalo (63), Cincinnati (33), Cleveland (28), Miami (never had a Republican mayor), St. Louis (68), El Paso (never had a Republican mayor), Milwaukee (109), Philadelphia (65), and Newark (110).

To summarize, of the poorest ten cities in America, two have never had a Republican mayor. Of the other eight cities, they have been under Democratic leadership, on average, for 66.5 years. So, on average, the poorest cities in America have been led by one party – the Democratic Party – since 1950.

Certainly, this is not to say that Republicans have all the answers. But it is hard to ignore the evidence. When Democrats have complete control over a city, in a Democratic-leaning state, the results are not good. If you disagree, send me an email from your new home – after you move to Detroit.

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