The Rushmore Report: What We Learned from the Sessions Hearing

Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions came before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He was grilled for about two and a half hours. In the process, he called criticisms of Russian collusion “detestable lies.” Democrats blasted Sessions for not divulging the details of his personal conversations with the President. Republicans defended his integrity. But what did we learn exactly?

Dr. Charles Krauthammer weighed in, saying that Sessions’ testimony “exposed the absurdity of the whole exercise.” He added that by Sessions stating for the record that he had no nefarious contact with the Russians, he continued the unraveling of Democrats’ case against Trump.

“This was supposed to be about Russia meddling in our election. Then it was supposed to be about collusion,” he said. “I’m open to empirical evidence.” Krauthammer added, “Trying to tag these allegations on Sessions is absurd.”

Still, Democratic Senators railed against the Attorney General for keeping his private conversations with the President private. Their hypocrisy is notable.

When President Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice refused to even appear before Congress (May, 2017), none of them complained.

When President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch refused to answer Congressional questions about the Clinton investigation, (July 12, 2016), she said it was “inappropriate for me to comment on the underlying facts of the investigation.” And she would later refuse to answer the question as to who had approved an amazing $1.7 billion cash transfer to Iran (July 12, 2016). Again, not a single Democrat complained.

So this is where we are . . .

1. Still, zero evidence of any of Trump’s team colluding with the Russians on the 2016 election has been produced, after seven months of investigation.

2. Still, Democrats are claiming the Trump team colluded with Russians on the 2016 election.

3. Still, Attorney General Sessions has now appeared before Congress every time he has been asked to do so.

4. Still, Attorney General Sessions would not break the tradition that has been practiced for generations – by not divulging private conversations he had with the President.

5. Still, Democrats Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch have refused to even appear before Congress or answer any pertinent questions – and this will go unnoticed by fellow Democrats in Congress.

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