The Rushmore Report: What Trump Said Last Night

Last night Donald J. Trump accepted the Republican Party’s nomination for President of the United States. The Convention had many high points – Pence, Giuliani, Christie, Melania Trump, and Ivanka Trump, to name a few. It had its rocky moments, such as the Cruz non-endorsement speech. By some accounts, when Trump stepped to the podium last night, his team was behind by three runs in the bottom of the ninth.

Trump responded by hitting a grand slam. He hit on all the expected themes: law and order, immigration, Israel, and defeating ISIS. He addressed the economy, jobs, and school choice. Mr. Trump hit Hillary Clinton hard, but in a way we have not seen before. What made his speech so good? Two things . . .

1. What he said – Trump hit every necessary theme, and then some. Two lines stood out. When the crowd chanted of Hillary, “Lock her up!” he responded, “No, let’s defeat her.” That showed much-needed presidential demeanor. And at the end of the speech, he referred to Clinton’s motto, “I’m with her!” He turned it around to, “I’m with you!” Trump’s speech writers deserve a raise. From his perspective, it’s too bad they didn’t write (and proof) Melania’s speech, as well.

2. How he said it – This was what made the speech most effective. Not once did Trump refer to “Crooked Hillary.” He didn’t scream or come unhinged. Donald Trump actually looked and sounded presidential. His oldest enemy became his best friend – the teleprompter. He looked steady and focused. This was a different Donald Trump, one who just might win against all odds.

Game on.


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