The Rushmore Report: What Trump Can Do that Will Only Make the Media/Democrats Hate Him More

Everyone wants to be liked. That is a universal plague that has ruined many a good person. Presidents are no different. And clearly President Trump falls into that category. He wants to be liked. Is he bothered by his low favorability ratings? You bet he is. Does it bother him that he is loathed by Democrats and mainstream media no matter what he does? Of course it does. But it is partly his own fault. In his young presidency, he has already done some things that clearly have won him the ire of the opposition. Here are a few examples.

1. Lower unemployment

Under the Trump presidency, unemployment has dropped to 4.7 percent, lower than at any time under the eight years of the Obama Administration. Unemployment hasn’t been this low since – gasp! – George W. Bush was President.

2. Record stock market

Just as employment is lower than at any time during Obama’s eight years, the stock market is higher than at any point in Obama’s eight years. That means more retirement savings for everybody.

3. Lower illegal immigration

Since Trump became President, illegal border crossings are down 70 percent. That means less crime and more jobs for Americans.

4. Standing up to Syria and North Korea

Syria has crossed Obama’s “red line” more times than the chicken crossed the road. But President Trump bombed Syria when they crossed him. And he is staring down North Korea as well, actually awakening China from its slumber. It’s called peace through strength.

5. Showing up to Day of Prayer rather than the Correspondents’ Dinner

This is a big no-no. In a span of one week, President Trump put God ahead of the media. He could have attended the venue that takes God’s name in vain, but chose the venue that prays in God’s name instead.

6. Fixing Obamacare

He could have shouted, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.” And he could have let the current program, clearly imploding, implode. But instead, Trump is supporting efforts to provide lower premiums and reduce healthcare costs.

7. Military pay raise

For the first time in six years, the military personnel are getting a raise. They protect us every day – perhaps they deserve a small pay increase every six years.

Predictably, these seven steps have brought the wrath (and vulgarity) of both media and Democrats alike. And why not? Low unemployment. More people working. Record savings. Stronger defense. Reduced illegal immigration. Day of Prayer. No wonder the left is in a dither.

But I will offer hope to the President. It’s not too late to win over your opposition, Mr. Trump. Here are a few random suggestions, sure to help.

1. Admit you are never right about anything.

2. Let Chuck Schumer make your next Supreme Court nomination for you.

3. Increase taxes.

4. Accumulate as much national debt as Mr. Obama did.

5. Make empty threats against countries who seek to annihilate Israel.

6. Replace Mike Pence with Nancy Pelosi.

I thought of one other thing you might try to win the approval of your most strident critics. You could walk on water. But if you do, know this. The opposition will say you don’t know how to swim.


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