The Rushmore Report: What the Media Isn’t Telling You about Clinton’s Position on Abortion

On September 30, 1976, a Democratic-controlled Congress passed legislation that prohibited federal dollars from being used to pay for abortions, except in cases in which a mother’s life was in danger. It’s called the Hyde Amendment, and it was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter. In the following 40 years, every major party candidate has agreed that tax payer dollars should not be used to fund abortions. That was until now – and the media doesn’t want you to know the truth.

The Hyde Amendment has been supported by such Democratic leaders as Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama. Even though each of these Democratic leaders favor(ed) a woman’s right to an abortion, they agreed that it was morally unconscionable to ask well-meaning pro-life Americans to pay for the aborting of unborn lives with their own tax dollars. That principle has stood through every election cycle since 1976 – until now.

Enter Hillary Clinton, who has called abortion “a fundamental human right.” She has made her opposition to the Hyde Amendment a key part of her campaign. For the first time, the Democratic party’s official platform calls for its ban. Meanwhile, Tim Kaine, a long-time opponent to abortion, became pro-choice about 15 seconds after Mrs. Clinton offered him the VP slot. What a timely conversion!

It appears Mrs. Clinton is determined to govern against the will of the people – before she is even elected.

A recent Marist poll showed that a significant majority of the American people – 62 percent – oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. But the Democrats’ call for the appeal of the Hyde Amendment marks just the next step in their radical agenda. While 78 percent believe abortion on demand should be illegal after the first trimester, Hillary Clinton favors the right to abortion up to the moment of the baby’s birth.

The fact that this is a radical position, outside the mainstream of American life, is evidenced by Clinton’s silence on the issue in any of her rallies or ads, as she knows that she would become imminently more unelectable the moment the American people knew that she wants to use their money to fund the taking of unborn lives.

You probably hadn’t heard of her position, or that of the Democratic platform. As long as her Republican opponent continues to shoot from the hip and conduct a campaign of personal insults – and as long as the national media continues to give Clinton cover – the Democratic plan will be the best kept secret in American politics.

Does life begin at conception? Of course it does. Do 78 percent of Americans oppose abortion past the third month of pregnancy? Or course they do. Do Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party understand how morally repugnant it is to pro-life Americans to use their hard-earned tax dollars to take the lives of the unborn? Of course they do. But do they care? Of course they don’t. And will the voters know of Hillary’s radical position – in opposition to every other Democratic candidate in history? Not if the national media has anything to do with it.

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