The Rushmore Report: What Steve Harvey Told His Audience when He Thought the Cameras Were Off

Steve Harvey is looking to help people get in touch with the Holy Spirit to live their best lives, with his latest book, Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance. The comedian and #1 New York Times bestselling author has written about love and success. Now he is talking about God and his personal faith. It’s perfect for anyone wanting more out of life.

“Steve beautifully and thoughtfully explains what faith is and how it can work miracles in our daily lives. He also talks in-depth about the power of human imagination and how we can use it to make our dreams come true,” the description reads. “As God inspires us to build and create a larger vision for our lives, Steve shows us that when we combine our inherent power with God’s divine plan, we can each achieve anything.”

Harvey, who has overcome homelessness and several failed marriages, gets candid about the trials and tests he had to overcome. The inspiration for Harvey’s book came from the Family Feud host speaking to his studio audience after a show last year, thinking the cameras had stopped rolling.

While it was not aired on television, Harvey’s team captured a special moment where the host encouraged his audience by letting them know that God wanted them to live their lives more abundantly.

All they had to do was take a leap of faith by jumping.

“Your Bible says your gift will make room for you – your gift, not your education,” he told his audience. “If you don’t use your gift, that education will only take you so far. I know a lot of people that have degrees and don’t even use them. It’s your gift that matters.”

While Harvey admitted that the process of taking this leap of faith can be painful, he urged his audience to trust in God who has never left them.

“You cannot name one single thing God has not gotten you through. If He’s not gotten you through it, He’s getting you through it now. Your Bible says He came so you can live abundantly. If I were you, I would jump because that’s the only way to get to that abundant life. You’ve got to jump.”

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