The Rushmore Report – What Kathie Lee Gifford Told Megyn Kelly Off Camera

During an interview on Megyn Kelly Today last week, NBC Today Show anchor Kathie Lee Gifford was on to honor the memory of the late Billy Graham. While there, Kelly revealed what the two women have been talking about off camera for months. It’s a conversation you can’t have on the air these days.

Kelly revealed that Gifford has been talking to her about God behind the cameras.

“Billy was really one of a kind,” Kelly told Gifford in reference to Mr. Graham. “When I look back at what he preached after 9/11 saying, ‘The lesson here is our need for one another,'” I am amazed.

Kelly highlighted the message of sin and redemption Graham left with former president Bill Clinton in the middle of his Monica Lewinsky scandal. The host admitted that she also holds Gifford in high regard because she likens her to the world renowned minister who peacefully passed away in his North Carolina home at the age of 99.

Kelly said to Gifford, “You and I have been having an ongoing conversation about faith and a connection with God.”

She continued, “Who else is there today that has that kind of message? That uplifting, joyful, faithful, help me get reconnected, don’t shame me, don’t guilt me, someone who’s nonpartisan, someone who’s full of love, someone who’s not covered in scandal, not trying to rip anybody off.”

Gifford took the opportunity to continue Graham’s legacy right there and then while on Kelly’s program. The Emmy Award winner spoke openly of the free gift of salvation as Kelly looked on in admiration.

“Every one of us should ask, ‘Do I have a malignancy on my soul? Where’s the doctor?'” Gifford answered her own question: “The good doctor is in. And He conquered death for all time for every one of us. And it’s free. It’s probably the only thing in this whole world that is completely free.”

Gifford shared her personal connection with the famed evangelist. While attending a movie produced by the Graham organization, she reflects, “God met me right where I lived. I wanted to be an actress. So where does God meet me? In a movie theater.”

At Graham’s 95th birthday celebration, Gifford said she got to tell Graham “thank you” in person one last time.

As for sharing her faith with Megyn Kelly, the conversation will continue.

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