The Rushmore Report: What God Would Say to Donald Trump

Donald John Trump, real estate developer and television star, continues to lead all other candidates in his quest to win the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He is on TV more than reruns of “Friends.” Trump has conducted hundreds of recent interviews. In numerous town hall meetings, Trump has heard from the American people. Now it’s time for him to hear from God. Proud Americans has landed the ultimate scoop. We interviewed God, and are honored to share what He said. We present to you what God would say to Donald Trump.

1. You really aren’t that rich.

I’ve heard you say your net worth is $8.7 billion. Financial experts estimate your worth at $4.5 billion. Did I really hear you say your personal brand is worth $3.3 billion? I saw you made $60 million a year at The Apprentice. I’m not sure how that all adds up to $8.7 billion, but I’ll take your word for it. You keep saying, “I’m really, really rich.” I’m sorry, Donald, but you really aren’t. You see, I own the cattle on a thousand hills. And everything you have today can be gone tomorrow. Read the Bible your grandmother gave you. There’s a book called Job, and another book called James. Read them again, and you will see that what you have really isn’t much, and it won’t last anyway.

2. I’m glad you like my Book.

I was watching CNN the other day and I was pleased to see you waving your childhood Bible in your hand. You keep saying, “I love the Bible.” I see you collect Bibles and even give them away. I heard you say you didn’t have a favorite verse, then you quoted Proverbs 24 as your favorite Scripture. You misquoted it, but that’s ok. Most pastors don’t know if from memory, either. I’m just glad you like my Book. I hope you’ll read it every day.

3. Thanks for your support.

I appreciate your generous support for many of my causes. I saw that you gave the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association $100,000 and have supported ministries such as Debra George Ministries in Texas and the Ramp Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. You have given to many other of my favorite causes, without telling everyone else about it. Thanks for your support.

4. It’s okay to say you’re wrong.

I hear it all . . . after all, I’m God. And I keep hearing you say you don’t ask me for forgiveness. First, Donald, we both know that’s not true. You remember the time when . . . well, we won’t get into that here, but you have asked for my forgiveness more than once. But it’s okay to do it every day. The fact is, you sin every day . . . all my children do. It’s okay to say you’re wrong and need my forgiveness. Everyone does. And you know from your Presbyterian upbringing and Sunday School classes you attended as a child, that I’m in the forgiving business. So go ahead, Don. Say it. “I’m wrong. I need God’s forgiveness.” That is a sign of strength, not weakness.

5. Go to church.

You told a crowd the other day, “I’m a church person. I try to go on Sundays.” We know better, don’t we, Donald? You say you are Presbyterian. Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not into denominations the way most Americans are. But while you went to First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, as a boy, and joined Marble Collegiate Church a few years ago, I don’t see you at church as much as I’d like. You admitted last week that you mostly go on Easter and Christmas. Thanks for your honesty. But I’d like to see you at church every Sunday. It would do you good.

6. Only one election counts.

Now, I know you aren’t the Bible scholar that Mike Huckabee is, so let me explain this to you. We have a concept in the Bible called “election.” It basically means that you need to trust Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. You, like every person, must have a spiritual conversion to enter the kingdom of heaven. You are “elected” to the kingdom upon your conversion to Christ. You are focused on a different election, in 2016. I get that. And I’m okay with that. But remember, there is only one election that really counts. Now, I’m not saying you haven’t already given your life to me. I’m not saying you haven’t been what we call “born again.” That is private, between you and me. That is for a private conversation, away from websites like this.

7. I love The Proud Americans.

Donald, if you are elected President, you need to post the daily blogs from The Proud Americans on the official White House website. This is a great organization. I love what they are doing, as they stand for me, family, and country. I hope you will tell all your friends about them. The Proud Americans is one of my favorite ministries.

Thanks for listening, Don. I’m here all the time. Let’s keep the conversation going.


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