The Rushmore Report: What 12 Senators Have in Common with Lady Gaga and Daffy Duck

What do 12 United States senators have in common with Lady Gaga and Daffy Duck? The comparison is appropriate, as you will see, with sincere apologies offered to Lady Gaga and Daffy Duck. These 12 senators did something the other day – or didn’t do something – that put them in good company with the pop star and most famous duck in Hollywood.

It happened last week. The 12 senators – all Democrats – reminded us why the approval rating of Congress is somewhere between that of cockroaches and the mainstream media. So what do these esteemed senators share in common with Lady Gaga and Daffy Duck? The answer is irrefutable . . .

Last week the Senate Finance Committee was given the assignment of voting on the nominations of President Trump’s selections to head the departments of Treasury and Health and Human Services. After grilling Trump’s cabinet nominees in regular order, it came time for the vote. And then these 12 senators did something never done by any group of senators in recorded history.

Did they vote to affirm Trump’s cabinet picks? No.

Did they vote against Trump’s cabinet picks? No.

Instead of voting “yes” or “no,” these 12 senators did what Lady Gaga and Daffy Duck did – they did not show up at all. They boycotted the vote. As taxpayers, we pay them to go to Washington to let their voices be heard. Be heard or be silent – that was the question. And every Democrat on the Finance Committee decided to be silent.

Is that what we sent them to Washington to do?

Try that at your job! When you don’t like the way upper management is doing things, just don’t show up for work. Let me know how that works out for you.

This was a sad day for democracy. As the opposition party, the Democrats have every right – and duty – to speak up and stand for their beliefs. But rather than standing on principle, they sat at home.

Who are these 12 senators who abdicated their duties? Is one of your senators on this list? In no particular order, they are: Ron Wyden (Oregon), Debbie Stabenow (Michigan), Maria Cantwell (Washington), Bill Nelson (Florida), Bob Menendez (New Jersey), Tom Carper (Delaware), Ben Cardin (Maryland), Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Michael Bennet (Colorado), Bob Casey (Pennsylvania), Mark Warner (Virginia), and Clair McCaskill (Missouri).

Legendary columnist William Safire famously wrote, “Success is 80 percent just showing up.” Tell that to the 12 Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee. Along with Lady Gaga (parts unknown) and Daffy Duck (Hollywood), when it came time for the committee to vote, they were nowhere to be found.


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