The Rushmore Report: Vegas Survivor Tells CNN He Became a Believer after Attack

Taylor Benge and his sister survived the massacre in Las Vegas Sunday night, where a gunman killed 59 people and wounded 500 more outside a country music festival. The shooter’s rampage appeared to be meticulously planned. Still shaken, Taylor spoke with CNN the next day to offer his eyewitness account. Benge and his sister survived, and he says the event has changed his heart forever.

Said Benge, “You just gotta take it to God at that point, and, you know, hope that you can make it and hope that you’re safe. And I know I can’t speak for anyone but me, but I was agnostic going into that concert and now I’m a firm believer in God because there’s no way that I would have made it through without him. I am blessed to still be alive today.”

On display has been a long list of acts of kindness that have unfolded in the wake of Sunday’s unthinkable tragedy. Off duty police officers stepped in to help people take shelter, strangers helped to barricade individuals trying to escape the gunshots, and since the shooting, others have waited in line for hours to donate blood.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman noted all of the heroism on CNN Monday night, telling Erin Burnett, “I can’t tell you how supportive this country has been.”

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Cortney O’Brien writes for CNN.

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