The Rushmore Report: Vegas Odds on 2020 Presidential Winner

Donald Trump has not yet been inaugurated, but that isn’t stopping Vegas from taking bets on the next presidential election. The gambling site Bovada is laying the odds on who will win the election in 2020. Twenty-one names are on the list, including eight Republicans. Some of the names will surprise – the list includes potential candidates named Biden, Clinton, Sanders, and Obama. Yes – Obama. Here’s the list.

John Kasich (40/1) – Bovada ranks several Republicans, which means they would have to replace Trump as the Republican nominee. Ohio’s governor famously skipped the GOP convention because he didn’t support Donald Trump.

Marco Rubio (33/1) – Note that several people are tied at 33-to-1 odds. Rubio, a Florida senator, famously feuded with Trump during the 2016 primaries, earning the nickname “Little Marco.”

Kamala Harris (33/1) – The first Democrat on the list, she was just elected as a California senator after previously serving as the state’s attorney general. She’ll only have four years of experience in 2020, but President Obama also only had four years experience when he was elected president in 2008.

Nikki Haley (33/1) – The South Carolina governor and new member of the Trump cabinet is a rising Republican star and favorite among young conservatives.

Trey Gowdy (33/1) – The South Carolina Republican congressman is known for talking tough and he has a strong legal background.

Kristen Gillibrand (33/1) – The Democratic junior senator from New York has vowed to recruit more women for political office.

Ted Cruz (33/1) – The Republican Texas senator battled Trump for the 2016 nomination and unenthusiastically endorsed him.

Catherine Cortez Masto (33/1) – The Democratic senator-elect from Nevada will be the first Latina senator. Like Harris, she will only have had four years of Senate experience in 2020.

Michael Bloomberg (33/1) – The former mayor of New York City considered running in 2016 and probably regrets that he didn’t, so 2020 could be his year.

Joe Biden (33/1) – The outgoing vice-president considered running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 but decided not to after the 2015 death of his son Beau. Biden is popular, particularly with working class voters whom Trump lured from the Democrats. He’ll be 77 in 2020, which would make him the oldest person to win the presidency if he won.

Bernie Sanders (20/1) – The Vermont senator came close to upsetting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. But in 2020, he’ll be 79.

Amy Klobuchar (20/1) – The Minnesota senator is extremely popular in her home state and a rising star in the Democratic party.

Hillary Clinton (20/1) – After losing the Democratic nomination in 2008 and coming so close to the presidency in 2016, does the former Secretary of State have it in her to try again? She’ll turn 73 in 2020, but Trump is eight months older.

Julian Castro (20/1) – The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is a Texas native and considered a future leader among Democrats. He could put the state of Texas in play for the Democrats.

Cory Booker (20/1) – The New Jersey senator is a talented campaigner and speaker and is one of the most prominent African-American Democrats. He is also very popular among his peers.

Elizabeth Warren (14/1) – The Massachusetts senator could pick up supporters of the Sanders movement. She has feuded with Trump, but also has expressed a willingness to work with him on certain issues.

Tim Kaine (14/1) – Clinton’s running mate knows his way around Washington and may be the de facto candidate given his role as her understudy.

Michelle Obama (12/1) – The First Lady is terrifically popular, but has said the job doesn’t interest her. That may change after a few years of Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan (10/1) – The House Speaker is a star among traditional conservatives, but it will take a TV drama worth of surprises for him to somehow replace Trump as the presidential nominee, but that’s true of every other Republican on this list, too.

Mike Pence (10/1) – The new vice-president would be the obvious candidate to replace Trump if he opts to not seek a second term.

Donald Trump (2/1) – The president-elect will be the man to beat, assuming he seeks a second term. So far, there’s no reason to think he won’t.

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