The Rushmore Report: Two Leading Dem Presidential Candidates in 2020 Dropping in Polls

With national polls now showing President Trump’s approval rating as low as 34 percent, Democratic contenders for the 2020 election are already emerging. While the likes of Cory Booker (NJ), Andrew Cuomo (NY), and Tim Kaine (VA) are likely to seek the Democratic nomination for president, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the clear favorites. But there’s a problem for both of them.

Senator Sanders may be the most popular politician in the United States today. But the news for him is not all good. His approval rating in his home state of Vermont has dropped by 12 points since the 2016 election. Meanwhile, Senator Warren’s approval rating in Massachusetts has ticked down four points.

A Vermont newspaper, Morning Consult, states, “Sanders’ elevation to national prominence does appear to have compromised his standing among some of his constituents.”

Warren, on the other hand, is being viewed as overtly partisan, especially with recent comments about new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. The more popular she becomes with the far left, the more difficult it becomes to appeal to a broader base.

The irony is that President Trump’s challenges may actually be hurting his main rivals for 2020. Because he is seen as divisive, more and more Americans are looking to someone considered “mainstream,” a label that does not fit the two most liberal members of the United States Senate.

With the 2020 election 3.5 years away, anything can – and probably will – happen. But it’s interesting to note that at a time when many Americans are looking for an alternative to President Trump in 2020, the primary options are becoming a bit less appealing.

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