The Rushmore Report: Trump’s Standing in New Fox Poll

Fox News has just released a new poll that brings mixed messages to President Trump and his agenda. The poll was conducted this past Sunday through Tuesday, before a tweet by Trump about MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski received significant media coverage. The focus of the poll was the president’s recent Twitter barrage.

The bottom line: voters think the president’s tweets are hurting his agenda.

Few voters approve of President Trump’s tweeting, and most agree it’s making his job harder. Seventy-one percent say the president’s tweets are hurting his agenda, while just 17 percent see his tweets as helpful.

The country is split on their opinion of what the tweets officially represent. Do the president’s online posts represent official statements? It’s a close call: 51 percent say yes, while 45 percent say no.

Overall, only 13 percent approve of Trump’s tweeting. That is down from 16 percent in March. Forty-six percent disapprove, while 39 percent take the middle ground and “wish he’d be more cautious.”

Among Republicans, only 21 percent approve of the president’s tweeting practice, while 59 percent would like to see him be more careful. Another 18 percent wish he’d quit tweeting altogether.

Majorities across the board say Trump’s tweets are hurting his agenda, although Democrats (87 percent) and independents (75 percent) are far more likely than Republicans (53 percent) to see it that way.

Over half of Democrats (59 percent) say the tweets are official presidential statements, while over half of Republicans say they are not (52 percent).

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