The Rushmore Report: Trump’s Ruling on Federal Jobs and Abortion

President Donald Trump signed executive orders implementing a hiring freeze across the U.S. government, except for the military, and renewing an intermittent federal policy that forbids international nonprofits receiving federal money from providing abortion services. These two far-reaching orders will be among Trump’s most significant acts.

The abortion rule is known as the Mexico City policy, and it dates to Ronald Reagan’s presidency. It was rescinded by former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, restored under former President George W. Bush, a Republican, and then rescinded again under former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, according to the Population Research Institute.

Senator Jean Shaheen, a New Hampshire Democrat and supporter of abortion rights, said on Monday that she would introduce legislation permanently ending the policy, which she called the “Global Gag Rule.” The bill is unlikely to advance with Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress.

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Alex Wayne is a staff writer for Congressional Quarterly, with a focus on national politics.

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