The Rushmore Report – Trump’s Popularity Hits Record High: Here’s Why

The newest Rasmussen Poll – the most accurate polling group in predicting the 2016 presidential election – has just registered President Trump’s approval ratings above 50 percent for the first time. Sitting at 51 percent approval, Trump is defying all conventional wisdom. A new CNN Poll found that 57 percent think things are going well in the country – the highest positive rating since 2007, when George W. Bush was President. Despite the Stormy Daniels story, the Mueller investigation, and 24 hours-a-day attacks by nearly every broadcast media outlet, Trump is more popular than ever. Why is this? Because many Americans are paying attention to three basic things.

1. The economy

The just-out unemployment numbers have our unemployment rate at 3.9 percent, the lowest it has been this century. The unemployment rates for Hispanics and African Americans are at all-time lows. In April, 164,000 new jobs were added to the workforce, including 17,000 new construction jobs and 24,000 manufacturing jobs. Inflation has not risen. The stock market, though flat lately, is still near record highs.

2. Korea

President Trump is doing with Korea what no past administration has ever achieved. He has Kim Jong-un backing down, American hostages being released, and the parameters for a nuclear free zone emerging.

3, The Mueller investigation

The never ending, $17 million – and counting – Mueller investigation is starting to do for Trump what impeachment did for President Clinton. Americans are ready to move on. Outside of CNN, the country has lost interest. (This may explain why the Food Network and Animal Planet draw more viewers than Wolf Blitzer.)

Here’s something you probably wouldn’t know if you weren’t reading this right now: Donald Trump’s Rasmussen poll numbers are higher today than Barack Obama’s numbers were at this point in his presidency. As the economy continues to prosper and the world becomes safer, Trump’s numbers should only go higher.

At some point, the Mueller investigation will presumably end. Reportedly, the focus is on two things: Russian collusion and the firing of James Comey. Here’s the worst case for Trump. They will find that there was collusion – which is not crime. And they will determine Trump should not have fired Comey – though he needs no reason to do so.

Of course, things can change very quickly. But for now, the president’s numbers are on the rise. With the condition of the economy, North Korea, and the endless Mueller probe, his numbers should continue to trend up. That’s good news for Republicans in 2018 – and for the Food Network and the Animal Planet, as they siphon off the remaining viewers of CNN.






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