The Rushmore Report: Trump’s Last, Best Hope

At this point, Donald Trump has only the thinnest of reeds to cling to in his effort to prevent his campaign from sinking out of sight. It’s not the fantastical claim that he’s going to capture the African-American vote. He’s not. It’s not the myth of “missing voters” who will magically appear to carry him to victory in November. No, if Donald Trump is to win the White House, he has just one . . . last hope.

It’s the economy, stupid.

Trump is the candidate of the frustrated and the angry who feel that they have been left behind by a country and an economy that simply doesn’t look the way it used to. And the news Friday that the Commerce Department had downgraded the already dismal second quarter GDP numbers from an annualized 1.2 percent to 1.1 percent is the sort of thing that, if he had the self-control to avoid unnecessary distractions, he would be hammering on night and day.

The state of the economy is, at least, confusing to many well-known economists. A strong job market suggests there ought to be increased economic growth as well, but the GDP numbers remain stubbornly sluggish.

Economic uncertainly is like fertilizer for the worries that he is trying to plant in the minds of voters, and if his new campaign team has any sense at all, they will be advising him to play up the state of the economy in his public appearances and to play down the ridiculous promises about his ultimate victory with minority voters.

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Rob Garver is a national correspondent for The Fiscal Times, based in Washington, D.C. He is a liberal stalwart who admonishes left-leaning Christians to speak out about their faith and politics.

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