The Rushmore Report: Trump, You Can Win Second Debate in Two Minutes

With the first presidential debate in the books, dozens of Christian commentators are chiming in on what Donald Trump needs to do differently in the next debate. I’ll add my voice and I’ll keep it simple. Mr. Trump, you can win Debate #2 – and the White House – in just two minutes of the next debate. Just turn to Hillary Clinton, sometime in the debate, and ask her ten simple questions. Then let her talk.

1. If I turn over my tax returns, will you turn over the 33,000 missing emails?

2. I have created tens of thousands of jobs. How many have you created?

3. If you really support equal pay for women, why did you pay the women in the State Department less than the men?

4. You said you carried one devise (smart phone). But the FBI found you had 16. Which was it?

5. Why do you oppose school choice for children?

6. In what ways do you disagree with the Democratic leadership that has dominated Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland over the last decades, while their economy has gone down and crime has gone up?

7. Do you agree with President Obama’s position that climate change, not terrorism, is America’s greatest national security threat?

8. President Obama is the first president to never see annual economic growth hit three percent a single year in his term. Do you still believe we are on the road to recovery?

9. How can you support a woman’s right to abort her child, even at the point of birth, when you dictate that she must wear seat belts and motorcycle helmets? Does she have a right to what she does with her body or not?

10. You want to raise corporate taxes. Are you aware that America already has the highest corporate tax rate in the free world?

There you go, Mr. Trump. If you stick to these basic points, you will win the next debate. All you have to do is turn to Mrs. Clinton, at some point, and ask her these ten simple questions. It will take a total of about two minutes.

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