The Rushmore Report: Trump Travel Ban – 4 Democratic Presidents Who Did the Same Thing

President Trump’s 90-day ban on immigrants from seven countries first targeted by President Obama has elicited amazing outcry. Several questions for the opposition arise. Why did they not protest Obama’s limited number of immigrants? Why didn’t the SAG awards dinner let anyone in who wanted in? And why no outcry when four Democratic presidents banned immigrants?

Before we identify the four Democratic presidents who initiated similar bans on refugees and immigrants, let’s back up a bit. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the United States accepted 1,062,040 legal immigrants in 2015 (the last year for which data is available). That is more than any other country in the world – by far. The United States allows 85 percent more immigrants than Germany, which ranks second.

As for the Screen Actors Guild, the unending bashing of Trump’s new immigration limits during their annual show Sunday night wreaks with hypocrisy. While the SAG wants Trump to let anyone into our country who wants in, they exclude almost everyone who wants in to their show, unless they are a member of the SAG. According to their own website (, if someone wants to attend their annual meeting they must “request an invitation.” Even then, they must pay $900 to enter a lottery, which determines which few “regular” people can attend.

So the SAG allows immigrants (non-members) entry to their event by “invitation only,” and at a high price and roll of the dice. And then they lecture our president for putting a temporary ban on immigrants from countries that are hotbeds for ISIS and terrorism.

So here’s the bigger question: Where was the outcry when four Democratic presidents banned immigrants from specific countries? I don’t remember the Hollywood outcry when their liberal heroes did the exact same thing.

So who were these four presidents and what did they do?

1. Franklin Roosevelt

During WWII, FDR reduced the number of Jewish refugees for fear that Nazi spies would enter the country as well. In 1939, he refused entry to a ship carrying hundreds of Jews. He also signed an order that interred 72,000 Japanese Americans in camps across America following the attack on Peal Harbor. Let me say that again. Franklin Roosevelt interred 72,000 American citizens, based solely on their heritage.

2. Jimmy Carter

President Carter kicked out all diplomats with any ties to Iran following the capture of 52 Americans in 1979. Further, Carter banned all Iranians from entering America. All visas were invalidated.

3. Bill Clinton

In May of 1994, Clinton signed an order “barring entry for members of the Haitian military and their immediate families.” In January of 1998, Clinton signed an order “barring entry for members of the military junta of Sierra Leone, and the families.”

4. Barack Obama

After the 2009 discovery that two al Qaeda terrorists were living as refugees in Bowling Green, KY, President Obama took action. The Obama State Department stopped processing Iraqi refugees for six months in 2011.

This temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from seven countries first identified by Obama as a threat to American national security is consistent with prior actions by Democratic presidents, including Roosevelt, Carter, Clinton, and Obama.

Not that the media much cares, but the American people are also on the side of the Trump Administration. A recent Breitbart poll concludes that 66 percent support the President’s action, while only 24 percent disagree. The rest are undecided. Other polls by CBS, NBC, and The Wall Street Journal have similar conclusions.


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