The Rushmore Report – Trump and North Korea: The End Game

Newly confirmed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just made the rounds of Sunday morning news shows. At each stop, he faced the same question. With President Trump meeting with North Korean President Kim Jong-un on June 12, what is the goal of these talks? What’s the end game? Pompeo didn’t hold back. He shared the details of what the U.S. hopes to accomplish.

Pompeo predicated his analysis on the premise that Kim Jong-un “shares the objectives of the American people.” Against that backdrop, President Trump is preparing for the historic meeting with the man he once called “Little Rocket Man.”

There are two basic objectives which Pompeo laid out for the coming negotiations.

1. North Korea must abandon its nuclear weapons program.

This is unconditional. Pompeo is convinced this goal is attainable, but confirmed that “President Trump and he must meet to validate the process by which this would go forward,” the Secretary of State told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. “Markers must be put in place so we can negotiate the outcome.”

2. America will provide national security and financial relief.

In exchange for North Korea abandoning its nuclear aspirations, the United States would relax the severe sanctions placed on the rogue nation. Pompeo said, “If we get denuclearization, of course there will be sanctions relief. Certainly. There will be more than that. We can create conditions for real economic prosperity for the North Korean people that will rival that of the South, and that is our expectation. It won’t be U.S. taxpayers. It will be American know-how, knowledge entrepreneurs and risk takers working alongside the North Korean people to create a robust economy.” Pompeo added, “The U.S. will have to provide security assurances, to be sure.”

The all-day meeting between Trump and the North Korean dictator is just 27 days away. A lot can happen in that time. But for now, President Trump has the United States on the cusp of achieving peace with North Korea. What seemed impossible for the last 50 years is suddenly looking likely. Only the staunchest critics of this Administration will fail to celebrate the significance of this historic achievement, if it comes to pass.

The world may be about to be a whole lot safer. What is Pompeo’s prediction and Trump’s objective must also become the prayer of every American.


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