The Rushmore Report: Tony Robbins’ 2-Step Strategy to Daily Success

Each year Tony Robbins, best-selling author and speaker, takes on seven high-profile clients, which include tennis champion Serena Williams and award-winning actor Hugh Jackman. To get his one-on-one training costs $1 million, and there is a five-year waiting list. But Robbins doesn’t keep all his training a secret. At a recent meeting in Florida, he recommended two steps to personal success.

1. Daily reflection

Robbins says to set aside ten minutes each morning for personal reflection and mindful breathing. He says this is a process that keeps him focused and motivated each day. Robbins says to take the first three minutes to think about things you are grateful for. Spend the next three minutes feeling at peace and thinking about people you care about. Then spend the remaining time envisioning three things you want to accomplish.

2. Read a book on overcoming

Make time to read a physical book, or listen to an audiobook that helps you overcome. If you don’t have time to read a book, listen to an audiobook while exercising or driving. Robbins says to “prime yourself for courage, rather than hoping you show up that way, based on the triggers of your environment.”

With daily practice, Robbins says, anyone can get control of their lives and be highly successful. But it starts with doing the right things daily – establishing good habits that have worked for countless others.

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