The Rushmore Report: Tim Tebow Opens Up about His Faith and Baseball

Tim Tebow has traded in his football helmet for a baseball bat. Through it all, the 29-year-old athlete has kept his faith front and center. Born a son of missionaries, Tebow is spreading the gospel in a different way. He told Fox News how being a Christian has had a major impact not only in the NFL, but also in his budding career in baseball. “It impacts me daily. My faith impacts the way I treat people,” Tebow says.

“It affects how I pursue life, my vantage point. How I interact with people. Hopefully in how I’m a little more patient with people and certain things,” he said, laughing. “And how I treat people, but my faith is something that changes the way I act, the way I live, the way I think, the way I breathe, everything, because it puts things into perspective – especially what matters, and that’s something I’ve very grateful for.”

Late last year, Tebow singed with the New York Mets. He will start this baseball season playing for the Columbia Fireflies, a Class A affiliate.

“My teammates have been so supportive from the major league guys to, all the way down. Everyone has been supportive, especially they guys here,” Tebow said.

Nearly 4,000 fans showed up to Tebow’s first practice at South Carolina’s Spirit Communications Park. Heidy Webster was one of the fans who drove a great distance to be there. She said, “I think it’s great. I wish more people would do it.”

Tebow, in an interview after practice, said, “I think God has a specific plan for every single one of us. And I think that we also have choices that we can make to pursue and I think that the one thing I try to share with young people is that you matter and that you’re special, you’re unique. That God created you for a reason and a purpose. You aren’t an accident, you are special, you are important. And when you understand that and you look at it that way, you can live that way,” Tebow continued.

He admitted that he misses football. “I still love the game of football and sometimes you miss it. But I’m pursuing something else that I love and you can love more than one thing.”

The Fireflies play their first game against the Augusta Greenjackets on April 6.

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