The Rushmore Report: Three Percent May Decide our Next President

You may have heard that the majority get their way in America. You have heard wrong. Donald Trump is winning the Republican nomination for president off the “record” vote of 10 million to date. That comes to three percent of the American population. Hillary Clinton is winning the Democratic nomination on the backs of 12 million voters.

Last week President Obama decreed that public schools across the land must allow students to use restrooms based on their “gender preference” of the moment. Fox News did a poll on that one, and found that 93 percent disagree, while seven percent support the president’s action.

So, no – the majority does not rule in America.

But let’s return to the presidential election. Trump has garnered 40 percent of the Republican primary vote, meaning the majority of the Republicans who have voted, voted against Trump. That 40 percent support makes him the “landslide” winner. About 40 percent of Americans self-identify as Republicans or conservatives. That represents about 130 million people. Of that 130 million, 25 million have voted in a caucas or primary.

I did the math. About 19 percent of Republicans/conservatives have voted, and only about eight percent of all registered Republicans/conservatives actually voted for Mr. Trump. Conversely, about nine percent of self-described Democrats/liberals have gone out and voted for Mrs. Clinton.

Let’s review. Three percent of all Americans have voted for Trump in the primaries, while four percent have voted for Clinton. That means 93 percent of all Americans have not voted for either one of them. Does that number – 93 percent – sound familiar? That’s the same number who oppose Obama’s “go to whatever restroom you want” ludicracy.

So the three percent who got Trump the nomination and the four percent who did the same for Clinton rule the nation. (Even Trump’s own children admit they didn’t vote.)

So for the seven percent of you who voted for Trump or Clinton, congratulations. You get what you asked for. And congratulations to the other 93 percent. You get what you deserve.

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