The Rushmore Report: Three Liberals Who Think Trump Will Win

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has had a campaign that defied odds and expectations. Yet, despite his comments on women, Mexicans, Muslims, and POWs, “The Donald” remains in the thick of this race. And while the betting odds still favor Hillary Clinton, there are some who think Trump will win. But you will be shocked by these three – all liberals who think Trump will win.

1. Michael Rosenblum

The founder of the liberal channel Current TV and adjunct professor at Columbia University thinks Trump will win the presidency. In an opinion post published last month in the Huffington Post, the self-described “Father of Videojournalism” argued that Trump had already won due to American culture having geared itself toward reality TV. “Donald Trump is going to be elected president,” he wrote. “The American people voted for him a long time ago by making him a star on reality TV. Hillary Clinton is ______ TV. She may be smarter, better prepared, a better politician. It won’t matter. She is terrible entertainment.” Rosenblum continued, “That’s just how it is. Depressing, but true. He is Kim Kardashian. She is Judy Woodruff. Who gets better ratings? Who would you rather watch for the next four years?

2. Donny Deutsch

Liberal television personality Donny Deutsch explained on an April episode of MSNBC’s morning news show Morning Joe that he believed that Trump would win. Though he has been a critic of the Trump campaign, he told host Joe Scarborough that “I actually think this guy is going to win.”

“He’s not giving any incredible policy speech. So the great thing is that he has set up for himself, and I actually think – I’m going to say this out loud – I actually think this guy is going to win.” He went on to say that Trump has mustered an enthusiasm that Clinton’s personality just can’t match.

3. Michael Moore

The infamous liberal documentarian behind notable films like Fahrenheit 9/11 and Roger and Me has stated that Trump is very likely to win. Despite the broad consensus that Clinton won the first presidential debate, Moore took to Twitter soon after, to warn the Democrats about “doing end-zone dancing again when we are still on the 50-yard line.”

“It’s over. Trump, the egotist, the racist, the narcissist, the liar, ‘won.’ We all lost. His numbers will go up. She told the truth. So what?”

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