The Rushmore Report: Three Bad Responses to the 2016 Election

Mercifully, the 2016 election is now over. We have a new President-elect, Senate, and House of Representatives. Half the country is happy, while the other half is ready to move to Canada. The good news is that we can now put the most hostile election since Adams-Jefferson to bed. But in response, millions of Americans will make three critical mistakes. May God rescue us from our political leaders – and from ourselves.

1. Fear the results of the election.

It is natural for those of us whose “side” lost to think the sky is falling and all is now lost. Let me remind you we have survived two presidential impeachments and one presidential resignation in our history. Winston Churchill noted, “The farther backward you can look, the further forward you can see.” If history has taught us anything, it is that the latest “most critical election ever” is just that – the latest. We need not fear the results of the election.

2. Trust the results of the election.

In 1980, most conservative Christians celebrated the election of Ronald Reagan. Utopia had come, revival was on the way, and it was “morning in America again.” What we got instead – not because of Reagan, but despite him – has been a continued moral decay, a wholly dishonest media, millions of aborted babies, and out-of-control national debt and spending. It is always a mistake to trust in man, or the results of an election.

3. Elevate the President over the King.

Three millennia ago, the greatest king Israel ever knew said to the king of the universe, “You rule over all” (1 Chronicles 29:12). We vote for a President, but we worship a King. And until you bow before the right King, it matters not who sits in the oval office.

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