The Rushmore Report – This Senator May Run Against Trump in the 2020 Primary

President Trump already announced this week he is all in for 2020. Confident in his first year accomplishments, he feels he will have plenty to run on come the next presidential election. Tax reform is gaining in popularity and the economy is booming. So what can go wrong? Plenty. Trump may face this Senator in a Republican primary.

His name is Jeff Flake.

The outgoing senator from Arizona, perhaps President Trump’s least favorite Republican (and the feeling is mutual), is not going to be wearing a Trump campaign sticker. In fact, he predicts that someone from the party will challenge him in 2020, and he’s even encouraging it.

“I do think the president will have a challenge from the Republican Party, and I think there should be,” Flake said. “I also think that there will be an independent challenge, particularly if the Democrats insist on putting somebody up from the far left of the party.”

Flake may have had Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich in mind, who is said to be considering another go at the White House.

Or he could be thinking of himself.

Flake didn’t rule out his own presidential prospects, leaving the door open for an independent or Republican run. When asked about running, he simply says, “I won’t swear it off.”

When a Senator is asked about running for president, anything less than, “Not in a million years under any circumstance will I run. The answer is no, no, no, and no – so quit asking me. The answer is no” means, “Of course I’m running!”

So when Flake says he’s “not swearing it off,” that translates to, “I have formed a committee, raised millions of dollars in commitments, and will run unless a meteorite hits me on the head.”

Will Flake be a real threat to President Trump. No, he won’t. But that didn’t stop 16 Republican primary candidates in 2016.


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