The Rushmore Report: This NFL Head Coach Is Changing His Team for Christ

One man can make a difference – especially if he is an NFL head coach. And one team is unlike any other. Their coach has cultivated an atmosphere of worship. The players have come out in support of their coach, saying his boldness to speak about his faith is transforming their team. “We all get together and have Bible studies – it’s amazing,” says one player. So who is this NFL head coach who is transforming his team for Christ?

The team is the Baltimore Ravens and the coach is John Harbaugh. And the Ravens are unlike any other team when it comes to their preseason preparations. Jim Harbaugh, another coach and John’s brother, says of John, “His relationship with God is the thing he leans on whenever he has tough times. When he didn’t get a job, he would say, ‘God has a different plan for me.'”

The players agree. Running back Justin Forsett says, “I would say just because our head coach is a believer, it gives us the ability to be more bold and more open, especially in this day and age and environment when you don’t see a lot of organizations being bold and outspoken, especially about faith.”

Another player said, “We all get together, we have Bible studies, we have a couple of studies that bring the families in, no one gets left out, and it’s a great group of men that keep each other accountable – even in the locker room, if someone is doing something wrong, we call each other out on it. So it’s great to have that group of people here. Iron sharpens iron, and everybody is held accountable, and the standard is set.”

One man can make a difference – especially if that man is the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL.

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