The Rushmore Report: The Two Faces of Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump for president. He says Trump is best suited to lead the free world. This stands in direct opposition to all Christie has been saying about Trump for months. Here are some examples.

1. “Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president.” That was Christie’s assessment just a couple of weeks ago. Appearing on Fox News, he told Greta Van Susteren, “Donald’s a great guy and a good person. But I just don’t think that he’s suited to be president of the United States. I don’t think he has the temperament suited for that and I don’t think his experience is right.”

2. By nominating Trump, “we could wind up turning over the White House to Hillary Clinton for four years.” Campaigning in New Hampshire, he told voters he understood their desire to “burn Washington down,” but that Trump was the wrong man to build it back up.

3. “Trump’s Muslim immigration ban is ridiculous.” Christie told radio host Michael Medved, “You don’t need to be banning Muslims from the country. That’s in my view, a ridiculous position.”

4. Christie mocked Trump personally. “He sits in his jammies in Trump Tower and phones in (for media interviews). I’m not picking on him. It’s just the truth.”

5. “Showtime is over. We are not electing an entertainer-in-chief.” Christie continued, “Showmanship is fun, but it is not the kind of leadership that will truly change America.”

6. Christie basically called Trump a liar. On Trump’s claim of seeing thousands celebrating the Twin Towers bombing, Christie said, “It didn’t happen. I’m sorry, but the facts are facts.”

Fast forward to this week. Chris Christie said, “I’ve been on that stage, I’ve gotten to know all the people on that stage. And there is no one better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than Donald Trump.”

So this is what Gov. Christie would have us believe. He thinks we should nominate a man who has the wrong temperament, has a “ridiculous” view of immigration, is a showman and entertainer, is dishonest, and who gives Hillary Clinton the best chance to get elected.

So what changed? Is there really any question about that? Can you say “vice president” or “attorney general”? The straight-talking man from Jersey has become what most politicians are – an opportunist, throwing his weight behind the man who is most likely to win whether he endorsed him or not. He found which way the band was marching, then ran up alongside the drum major and offered to carry his baton. Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump, not because of what it means for America, but for what it means for Chris Christie. That doesn’t make Christie bad. It just makes him like most of us.

For those of you who thought Christie was the one man who always said exactly what he thought and never compromised his principles, I’m sorry to disillusion you. The only man who fits that description isn’t running for president. And why should he? He has already been declared King.

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