The Rushmore Report: The Threat of ‘Islamophobia Phobia’

Last week, Greg Gutfeld, of Fox News, called out President Obama for telling CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that ISIS “was not on [his] intelligence radar screen.” Then Gutfeld spoke to the issue that has kept Obama from saying three simple, obvious words: “radical Islamic terrorism.” The reason our president won’t say it is this: Obama suffers from “Islamophobia phobia.”

The idea that President Obama seriously miscalculated the ISIS threat is a fact, not a right-wing talking point.

Case in point #1 – On December 30, 2013, ISIS took the city of Fallujah in Iraq, as well as parts of the city of Ramadi. Eight days later, in a January 8 interview with The New Yorker, Obama dismissed ISIS as a “JV team.”

Case in point #2 – Later in January, 2014, when the Islamic State took the city of Raqqa, and later Mosul and Tikrit, White House spokesman Josh Ernest was asked if they wanted to change their evaluation. He said, “No.”

In October of 2014, Independent Journal Review spoke with Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, chairman of the Kurdistan National Assembly of Syria, who told them, “This administration has no interest in crushing ISIS according to our information and our data. We approached the State Department before ISIS was in the headlines and we were ignored.”

The president continued to refuse to acknowledge the growing threat of the Islamic State. His administration’s willful ignorance led to ISIS gaining amazing strength in a short period of time. Had the president been more vigilant, it is possible that more could have been done to weaken or destroy the terrorist organization.

Gutfeld makes two points . . .

“The reason Obama did not admit this was a problem was that he hated the source. He has a problem with adversarial criticism, or even adversarial advice. If somebody from the other side says, ‘Dude, look out. This is a problem,’ he says, ‘Well that’s just Fox News or Dick Cheney or it’s George W. Bush’s fault.'”

Gutfeld continued, “And also, Obama didn’t want to offend. He has that constant, like Islamophobia phobia. He realizes that if he starts talking about radical Islam, he’s gonna upset a lot of people. So this will go down as President Obama’s singular massive blind spot.”

Frank Camp, writing for The Daily Wire, is right when he blames the Democratic machine. “The Democratic machine has created a parallel world in which Islam has no connection to terrorism whatsoever. Democratic politicians live in this world because it makes them appear kind and relational. They’ve made sure to saturate the airwaves with their version of reality so as to make any opposition seem bigoted and irrational by comparison.”

President Obama is right when he warns against Islamophobia. But the ditch on the other side of the road is just as bad – and deadly. Are all Muslims bad people? No. Are most Muslims peaceful people? Yes. But ISIS is not comprised of terrorist Presbyterians or Pentecosts, Methodists or Mormons. They are Muslims, as inconvenient as that truth may be.

President Obama is right when he warns against Islamophobia. But he has made a miscalculation that has had damaging effects all over the world – Islamophobia phobia.


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