The Rushmore Report: The Stranger

There once lived a man who was trying his best. But his best was never good enough. Those around him had their own opinions of what his life was supposed to look like. They had their opinions on how he was to live, speak, drive, text, dress, tweet, laugh, cough, sneeze, run, smile, sing, think, act, sleep, shop, jump, snore, listen, work, organize, play, lead, read, walk, and talk. And just as he pleased one group, another was upset.

So he tried to please that group, but offended the first group. He worked harder, tried harder, and prayed harder. But while it was enough for God, it was never enough for some of them. So one night he screamed, “I’m trying my best!”

Then a stranger came to town. The man who was trying his best became friends with the stranger. The stranger accepted him as he was. He didn’t care how he lived, spoke, drove, texted, tweeted, laughed, coughed, sneezed, ran, smiled, shaved, dressed, sang, thought, acted, slept, shopped, jumped, snored, listened, worked, organized, played, led, read, walked, or talked. He was loved and accepted by God. And that made him good enough.

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