The Rushmore Report: The Six Republicans Who Are Guaranteeing a Clinton Win

In this crazy election year, we have seen it all – two unpopular candidates, FBI investigations, and unending personal insults. At a time when two-thirds of likely voters say the country is on the wrong track and they want an outsider, one would think it would be Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, who holds a 10-point lead. But Mrs. Clinton has six surrogates in her corner – all but guaranteeing her victory. The surprise is who they are – six key Republican leaders.

Conservative talk show host Sean Hannity blasted the so-called “Never Trump” Republicans, saying their opposition to the GOP nominee is “disgusting” and “dangerous” because it is effectively helping Hillary Clinton become president.  Hannity specifically called out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Bill Kristol, and Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) for playing a “stupid game.”

Collins is the latest to publicly announce she will not support Trump. She wrote this week: “Some will say that as a Republican I have an obligation to support my party’s nominee. I have thought long and hard about that, for being a Republican is part of what defines me as a person. I revere the history of my party, most particularly the value it has always placed on the worth and dignity of the individual, and I will continue to work across the country for Republican candidates. It is because of Mr. Trump’s inability and unwillingness to honor that legacy that I am unable to support his candidacy.”

Hannity said that by “sabotaging” Trump’s campaign, these Republicans will be responsible for the continuation of President Obama’s “radical left-wing agenda.”

He said that if Clinton wins in November, she will continue Obama’s “disastrous” economic policies, keep Obamacare in place, support “open borders,” refuse to call out “radical Islam,” and appoint liberal Supreme Court justices that will impact the country for generations. Hannity said these six Republicans are “effectively supporting a woman who has proven time and time again that she is a liar and a corrupt politician.”

Any conservative would have to appreciate the contributions that Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Bill Kristol have made through the years. But Hannity has a point. Is their constant criticism of Mr. Trump hurting his campaign? Of course it is. And that spells trouble, not just for Trump, but for down-ballot Republicans such as senators and representatives who are also running in 2016.

Studies show that about 40 percent of all voters vote straight ticket; whichever party receives their presidential vote gets their vote in every other race. At a time when two or three senate races will determine which party grabs control for the next two years, this is huge. Even the House of Representatives could switch hands.

It is pretty simple. With their loud, consistent criticism of their party’s nominee, men such as Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Mitt Romney are helping to elect the candidate with whom they say they strongly disagree on every major issue – Hillary Clinton.

If the election was held today, Hillary Clinton would almost surely win. In her inaugural address, she should thank the men and women who helped to make it possible. Bush, Romney, Cruz, Collins, Kristol, Sasse – this one’s on you. Prepare to take a bow.

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