The Rushmore Report – The Simple Formula to GOP Win in November

We’ve been hearing it for months. The November midterm election will bring a huge “blue wave,” as the House of Representatives falls into Democrat hands, and the Senate likely does the same. Midterm elections are generally determined by turnout and turnout is driven by anger. And Democrats are angry. Of course, they have no message apart from their hatred for President Trump. But being the party of “no” may be all it takes to win. But for Republicans, there is no time to lose heart. There is still hope – but only if party leaders wake up to the simple formula that can save their majority. If the likes of Trump, McConnell, and Ryan miss this, well, they deserve to lose the majority.

So here it is. Remember the words of James Carville? “It’s the economy, Stupid!” It’s still the economy. It’s always the economy. So this is what Republicans must do to retain their majority in both Houses of Congress.

Listen to Kevin Brady.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. Kevin Brady represents Montgomery County, Texas (where I lived for five years). More importantly, he serves as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. And he has introduced legislation to make last year’s middle-class tax cuts permanent.

Not one Democrat voted for the tax cuts. This is not the main message for the Republicans in November; it’s the only message.

We know four things about the tax cuts that were passed . . .

  1. They led to the lowest unemployment in a generation.
  2. They spurred economic growth at twice the rate as the best Obama year.
  3. They have brought the first real wage hikes in 15 years.
  4. Not a single Democrat voted for them.

Every political ad run by Republicans should hammer this fact. Whichever opponent any Republican candidate faces will have the same dilemma. They opposed tax cuts for average Americans.

But the tax cuts were not permanent. So make them permanent, guys! That is the message of Kevin Brady. Why other party leaders aren’t listening is one of the great mysteries of life.

President Trump can speak at all the rallies. North Korea can lay down its nuclear ambitions. Iran can join the list of civilized nations. My Astros can win their second World Series. These would all be events of Utopian magnitude.

But none of it will matter in November.

I’ll say it again – to every Republican leader. “It’s the economy, Stupid!” Listen to Kevin Brady. You have the votes to make the tax cuts permanent, and to remind every voter that every Democrat opposed every tax cut for every person in their own district.

Recent polling confirms that Republican control of Congress is very much in doubt, come November.

The Democrats are holding all the cards – except one. So let them play the Jack, the Queen, and the King. Republicans still have the Ace. It’s called permanent tax cuts. The Ace is the highest card, and only the Republicans have it.

But it only matters, if they are willing to put it on the table.

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