The Rushmore Report: The Secret Truce Between Trump and Clinton

An incredible story is emerging. In the most contentious election of the past century, there seems to be no rules. The just-ended Democratic National Convention did to Republicans what their Convention did to Democrats. It was one demonizing speech after another. Each side branded the other as the Antichrist. That is what makes this story so stunning. News has leaked of a private meeting between Clinton and Trump to form a truce, which is to take place in the coming days.

Here are the details. Trump and Clinton met at an undisclosed location one evening between the two conventions. What was intended to be a short meeting lasted deep into the night. There were no handlers or consultants. It was just the two candidates, in an unprecedented meeting of the minds.

The details of the meeting are not yet clear. But it appears that both candidates have cleared their calendars for a joint appearance in the next week. At that appearance, they will each speak for just a few minutes, both declaring the same message. The campaign will be substance-driven from this point forward. There will be no more name calling. The two candidates for president will present a written statement, signed by both, that will include these words: “no more personal insults . . . the nation needs to come together . . . the election will go on, but the rancor and bitterness will stop.” They will reportedly agree to focus only on the issues, with no personal attacks.

In their joint appearance, they will not address any specific issues, as that would take away from the reason for the presentation. It is not clear whose idea this meeting was, nor have they gone public with the details at this point. But the planning of their amazing joint appearance is in its final stages.

And that is where Max Lucado’s dream ended.

Sorry, but you had to know this wasn’t real, right? On July 20, pastor and author Max Lucado had the preceding dream. He told his wife, Denalyn, “Last night, I had the strangest dream.” And then he told her about the meeting of Trump and Clinton, from that dream.

Yes, the truce between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is only a dream. And that’s too bad. America deserves better. If you are like me, you’d love to see a campaign focused on issues and solutions.

Keep dreaming . . .

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