The Rushmore Report: The Power of a Godly Touch

Oh the power of a godly touch. Have you known it? Remember the doctor who treated you or the teacher who dried your tears? Haven’t you known the power of a godly touch? Can’t we offer the same? Perhaps you already do. You can use your hands to pray over the sick and minister to the weak. There are other ways to extend the power of a godly touch. Let me explain.

If you aren’t touching those who suffer personally, your hands can write them notes, dial the phone to make some calls, or you can use your hands to bake them a cake. Each time you do any of these things, you are extending the power of a godly touch.

But many of us forget how significant one touch can be. Or we fear saying the wrong thing, so we say nothing at all. Aren’t we glad Jesus didn’t make the same mistake? Keep in mind the perspective of the lepers in the ancient world. They aren’t picky or finicky. They’re just lonely – yearning for a godly touch. Jesus touched the untouchables of the world. Will you do the same?

Never underestimate the power of a godly touch.

About the Author

Max Lucado is a best-selling author and the senior pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio.

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