The Rushmore Report: The New Movie Every Atheist Is Afraid to Watch

It’s the movie every closed-minded atheist must avoid. Say you don’t need to watch it. Say you’re too smart. Say Christianity is for the weak. Say whatever you have to in order to avoid watching this movie, because if you watch it, you will have to face your worst nightmare – the case for Christ. And it is presented by an atheist just like you, but who was willing to investigate the evidence.

Set to be released April 7, the film is based on the true story of Lee Strobel and his personal investigation into the historical evidence surrounding Jesus. After his wife’s conversion to Christianity, Strobel, a journalist with the Chicago Tribune, set out to disprove Christianity. This strained his marriage and caused great inner struggles for Strobel. But after an intense investigation that lasted nearly two years, he could resist the claims about Jesus no more. The evidence pointed to “the truth of Jesus Christ,” and he accepted Christ as his savior.

Why didn’t he look into the claims of Scripture earlier? “I was jealous of Jesus,” he told Pastor Greg Laurie in a recent interview. “I felt like there was another man in our marriage. I felt like she was cheating on me; she suddenly had this emotional support that she was getting from this Jesus guy.”

But when Strobel went all-in, hoping to disprove the biblical revelation, he was set on a new course, a journey he continues to walk today. His best-selling book, The Case for Christ, lays out the evidence that changed his life.

But atheists, beware! If you are not open-minded, this movie is not for you. If you think you have a corner on truth and have nothing to learn, save your $10 and bucket of popcorn. But if you are open to the idea that maybe – just maybe – this “Jesus guy” who has changed the hearts and lives of billions of open-minded people through the ages is who he claimed to be, you are in for a two-hour experience from which there is no turning back.

I know Lee Strobel. He’s the real deal, and a changed man. If you are an atheist like Lee, go to the movie. But I’ll say it again. Beware! What you are about to see, if you are really open-minded, will change your life forever.

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