The Rushmore Report – The Left’s Vile Attack on NRA’s Dana Loesch

It’s one thing to have a disagreement over gun control. It is understandable that people fall on both sides of the argument: beef up security at the schools vs restrict access to guns. What is not understandable is the vile and sexist remarks from the Left, directed at NRA leader Dana Loesch.

A series of recent tweets was beyond disgusting.

A man named Jeff Black posted offensive, manipulated pictures of Loesch online, referring to her as a “depraved doggie.” He called the NRA a “death cult,” and slandered Loesch with sexist comments beneath the dignity necessary to be repeated in this space.

When called out for his crude remarks, Black refused to delete them. This elicited a response from Loesch’s husband, Chris.

“This guy doesn’t have the decency to delete this tweet even though he admits that the woman in the pic is not Dana. Is it OK to falsely sexualize women in order to try and demean them?”

Can you imagine the response if an NRA leader had attacked someone from the other side is a similar way? If that had happened, you wouldn’t have to imagine it – the story would be headline news all over the country. To her credit, Dana Loesch has handled the entire episode with her typical dignity and grace.

Will the gun debate ever be solved? Not completely.

Will we make progress? Only if both sides can focus on the issues and leave junior high childish antics behind.


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